Apr 14, 2014

Functional Nutritionist from London, Robyn Mason, special consultation in Tokyo May 11th-18th


Functional Nutritionist, Robyn Mason specialised in pregnancy nutrition will be in Tokyo at Boudoir day Spa salon from May 11th - 18th.

She also specializes in Gluten intolerance, nutrition for athletes, overall wellbeing, addictions, pre-natal  and hormonal imbalances.  Herbs can be ordered after the session and send directly to the client from London.

Each session is 90 minutes and costs 15,000 yen.

At the moment she does have members of the british Royal family as her clients and is highly regarded in her field of work.

Booking for Robyn can be made through Boudoir Day Spa 
Telephone 03-3478-5898

More information about Robyn