Apr 21, 2014


Speaker:  Elisabeth Brown , Massage therapist & Pilates instructor
Topics:    Benefits of exercise during pregnancy & post natal from a Pilates perspective:                    pelvic floor, breathing, abdominal muscles but also Pregnancy massage. 
Location:  Exact location is emailed to members
Time:        11:00-13:00

Very much looking forward seeing you all and if you have any questions please contact us at tokyopregnancygroup@gmail.com

Apr 19, 2014

Chiropractic treatment for pregnancy, after delivery and babies @ Suto Healing Center

Suto Healing Center is a family-operated clinic which was established in 1997. We have two departments, the Chiropractic department and the Bio-energy department.

Chiropractic treatment for Pregnancy and after the delivery
Chiropractic is effective for balancing your whole body, mainly through your spine.
We strengthen nerve regulatory function with a gentle approach which can apply from a newborn baby to elderly people. To improve and maintain good body balance, we discuss your lifestyle and advise you to do some exercises.
During the pregnancy and after the delivery, a mother’s body will change with the baby’s growth. To adjust with this dynamic changing, we can help you to balance your body as a whole. We believe that good body balance allows the body to harness its natural healing power in order to sustain a healthy body and mind.

Chiropractic treatment for babies and kids
We believe that chiropractic care for babies promotes natural and wholesome growth of the child. Imbalance of the spine in children may lead to loss of appetite, stomach problems, awkwardness in movement, and a longer recovery time from symptoms. From our clinical experience, we found out that when treating children under 3 years old, we have better results if we do the treatment with their mother at the same time. As a mother’s body becomes more comfortable, the child can benefit from the mother’s sense of relief and peace.

Bio-Energy work
In the Bio-energy department, the therapist does counseling and hands on energy work on the bed. In the energy work, the therapist touches the client’s body very gently to balance and charge his or her auric energy field and seven chakras.
The client will release the emotional block which lays at the subconscious level through the counseling and the energy work. It leads to heal their life trauma, and resolve the difficulty in relationships with others. As a healing process, many clients changed their way of living and improved their relationships. Their physical condition also can be improved.
For children, the therapist will catch a child’s nonverbal message in the energy field through the energy work. Then, the therapist discusses with the mother what is helpful for the child.

Suto Healing Center
3-6-19 Motoazabu Minato-ku
Website: www.shc.gr.jp
Tel : 03-3402-1654 Fax : 03-3402-1678

Apr 14, 2014

Functional Nutritionist from London, Robyn Mason, special consultation in Tokyo May 11th-18th


Functional Nutritionist, Robyn Mason specialised in pregnancy nutrition will be in Tokyo at Boudoir day Spa salon from May 11th - 18th.

She also specializes in Gluten intolerance, nutrition for athletes, overall wellbeing, addictions, pre-natal  and hormonal imbalances.  Herbs can be ordered after the session and send directly to the client from London.

Each session is 90 minutes and costs 15,000 yen.

At the moment she does have members of the british Royal family as her clients and is highly regarded in her field of work.

Booking for Robyn can be made through Boudoir Day Spa 
Telephone 03-3478-5898

More information about Robyn

Apr 11, 2014

Maternity Swimming Classes @ Central Sport Center in Minami-Aoyama

Central Sports club offers Maternity course such as swimming classes and aerobics
As for swimming classes, schedule is every Tuesday and Friday from 12:00-13:30
(12:00-12:30: health check and stretch/12:30-13:30 swimming lesson)

Cost is 11,005yen/month+10,800yen as club entrance fee
*necessary to receive approval form from your obstetrician.

For more details, please contact 03-5468-1191
or see website

Japanese Only 

Apr 10, 2014

Stylish Maternity Shop: Virina Maternity

Maternity shop in Hiroo handling international brands such as Maternal America, Belabumbum, Seraphine, Queen Mum, Jules & Jim, Memoi...
for more information check out web site http://www.virinamaternity.com/index.shtml

Sample sales up -70%!

Boudoir Day Spa: Special offer to TPG members!

For mummy's and mums to be!
Attention all Yummy Mummy’s! Isn’t it time for you to have a well-deserved bit of “me time”?

In the beginning it’s a foggy haze of diaper changes and middle of the night feeds followed by days spent chasing a toddler and tackling tantrums. Then comes homework, school projects, after school activities, teenage angst and driver’s licenses. Life changes after you have kids and between the carrying, cuddling, shouting, shuttling, giggling, juggling, tightrope walk of mummy hood, where do you find the time to feel beautiful? We know that beauty is only skin deep and that beauty comes from within. But sometimes putting your feet up and relaxing for 2 hours while your being pampered is good for you.

And think about taking a few hours away from the kids to pamper and rejuvenate yourself. Boudoir Day Spa’s “Mummy 911” beauty package is designed to make all mummy’s feel absolutely yummy! This package is guaranteed to rejuvenate and make you feel absolutely fabulous from head to toe. Now it’s time for all you hard working mums out there to put your feet up, relax and let the professionals at Boudoir Day Spa do what we do best…pamper! After dropping the children at school, come and enjoy a relaxing time at Boudoir Day Spa.

Your pampering experience will begin with our famous Rescue Remedy Facial. Including a mild glycolic acid peel, this facial offers exceptional results for all skin types. Guaranteed to bring back forgotten radiance in just 1 hour! This package includes:

Rescue Remedy facial¥15,000
Paraffin wax treatment for hands¥2,100
Paraffin wax treatment for feet¥2,100
Shape and paint of fingernails¥2,300
Shape and paint of toenails¥2,900

Special price for Tokyo pregnancy member 10,000 yen 
We'll also upgrade your facial to the Guinot Hydraclean deep cleansing facial.

Weekdays only, NO PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!
From 10 am to 2 pm
Call NOW only 3 spaces daily!

Apr 7, 2014

Thai House Massage for Women and families

Thai House is operated by Surintorn Grasmueck, an experienced Thai masseuse trained at WATPO Thai Traditional Medical School in Bangkok.

Prenatal  Massage
We offer prenatal massage for women in their 6th to 8th month of pregnancy. This is a light, slow massage designed to lower anxiety and stress, decrease back, leg and shoulder pain and improve sleep.
5,000 yen (60 minutes)

Postnatal Healing Course 
Why it is good for new mothers after childbirth
Traditional Thai massage is recommended for mothers after childbirth to help the tired body regenerate itself more quickly. Postnatal massage helps reduce stress, enhances milk production and improves blood circulation. The mother's womb recovers more quickly, making it easier to regain her pre-pregnancy weight.
Content of the course
Each session begins with a Thai Body Massage. This is followed by a Herbal Ball Massage and Herbal Steam Sauna treatment, which works on tense muscle areas and promotes the flow of energy. 
How long it takes
This unique postnatal healing treatment course runs for 3, 5 or 7 days, depending on the mother's individual needs and the amount of time available.
Each session lasts about 2.5 hours per day. Women who give birth naturally may begin treatment 7 days after giving birth, but those who underwent a cesarean section, or surgery of any kind, must wait at least 30 days post-partum, or until all wounds have healed completely.

Full breakdown of each session:
* Thai Body Massage For Postpartum Mothers (60 minutes) * Herbal Ball Massage (30 minutes) * Oil Massage (30 minutes) * Herbal Steam Sauna (30 minutes)
Postnatal Healing Course for New Mothers: 30,000 yen (3-day course) or 10,000 yen for 1 day

Contact Sue @ 090-6346-2930 or surintorn@hotmail.com

Apr 4, 2014

BEST---Birth Education Services in Tokyo by Ann Tanaka

BEST-Birth Education Services in Tokyo offers a variety of birth education classes, taught by Ann Tanaka, a registered nurse from the U.S.  The classes are designed for women or couples who are pregnant or new parents.  In addition, support and referrals to other resources are available.  Don't wait!  Prepare now for birth and the care of your new baby.

Classes offered are as followed:
Early Pregnancy & Birth Planning in Tokyo: This one time 2 hr. class is designed for women in their first or second trimester.  Topics covered are: the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, the emotional and physical changes experienced in pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, prevention and relief measures for common physical discomforts of pregnancy, and information about birth planning and birth options in the Tokyo area.   Spouses are welcome!
Upcoming 2014 schedule: Saturday, Jan. 18, March 15, May 24, July 5, Sept. 13, Nov. 15, 2014,
                                   All classes are from 10:00am - 12:00 Noon.
Fee: 7,000 yen/ couple
Registration is required.

Preparation for Birth Classes for Couples: This 2 day workshop is designed for couples to help them develop their own choices and style for labor and birth.  This course uses lectures, workgroups, practice in relaxation and breathing techniques as tools for making confident and informed decisions for labor and birth.  This course is recommended around 30 weeks.
Casual clothes, comfortable for simple stretch exercise, are advised.  Bringing a small cushion
or towel, may help to make you feel more comfortable.
Upcoming 2014 schedule: Sat. & Sun., Jan. 11/12, March 8/9, May 17/18, July 12/13,
Sept. 6/7 and Nov. 8/9, 2014, from 10am-4pm,
Fee: 36,000 yen/ couple
Advanced Registration is required as class size is limited.
One hour lunch break is given.  Lunch is not included in the fee.

*Please note that all cancellations must be made three days in advance.
*All classes are held at The Tokyo American Club (TAC).
*Registration can be done through Ann Tanaka or at TAC member’s service desk
*Payment must be done at TAC, member’s service desk on B1.
*Cancellations must be made at least three days in advance.   
*For more information, please call Ann Tanaka 0268-38-3802 or 090-5326-1455. 

*As parking is very limited, only members are allowed to park at TAC.

BEST---Birth Education Services in Tokyo             
Phone:  0268-38-3802  or  090-5326-1455 (Evenings are best.)

Pre-natal Yoga in YOGA TREE in Hiroo


This class is based on how to do a yoga practice that builds strength, flexibility and vitality, which cultivates breath awareness, deep relaxation techniques, to bond with your baby, rehearse for labor, and to prepare for a faster recovery.  It is a wonderful time to experience the changes in your body with yoga in a safe and nurturing environment and to share with other pregnant women your feelings and discomforts you may be experiencing during your pregnancy.
It is appropriate to join after the 12th week of pregnancy until delivery of your baby. 

Date:   Wednesdays
Time:  1:00pm - 2:30pm
Instructor: Megumi Hirasawa

Yoga Tree also provides Postnatal Yoga every Tuesday. Please see Website for more details. 

Usual Cost:
Drop-in      3000 yen   
5 classes  11,500 yen   
10 classes  21,000 yen
5-5-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo  150-0012, Japan

Apr 2, 2014

Sophrology - Birth preparation


Sophrology - Birth preparation
Alice KIBE-CRENN is a sophrologist in Tokyo (only in FRENCH unfortunately)
Sophrology is a structured method created to produce optimal health and well-being. 
More specifically I propose a pregnancy and birth preparation plan based on:
-Breathing and body relaxation  
-Pain handling
-Positive visualisation of delivery
-Mother and child relationship
Around 5 sessions are usually necessary, from the 6th or 7th month pregnancy. If needed, I can go to the mother's place.

Sophrologie - Séance de préparation à la naissance
La sophrologie est une méthode douce et structurée qui est particulièrement indiquée pour le bien-être des femmes enceintes.
Alice KIBE-CRENN, sophrologue installée à Tokyo, propose un cycle d'accompagnement de la grossesse et de préparation à la naissance:
-Travail sur la respiration, le bien-être corporel et la relaxation
-Gestion de la douleur
-Visualisation positive de l'accouchement
-Renforcement du lien avec le bébé à venir
Il faut compter en général 5 séances, à partir du 6 ou 7ème mois de grossesse. Je me déplace à domicile si besoin.

For more information or to take an appointement: