Jan 31, 2011

Brett Iimura CEC courses going online via skype after April!

Visit her details below for more info.
Brett Iimura from Childbirth Education Center, on "Choosing a Caregiver and Birth Classes in Tokyo". 
For more information about CEC, please visit their website on http://www.birthinjapan.com/ and their Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/www.fb.ChildbirthEducationCenter.CEC

Jan 21, 2011

New Osteopathy Clinic In Ebisu Tokyo

Gregory Berge, a French osteopath, in association with two other French osteopaths, David Brisson D.O and Yoann Rocheteau D.O. will open the “Gregory Berge Osteopathy Clinic” in February 2011. 

Are you pregnant and your lower back is sore? Or you would like someone to check your pelvis to make sure the delivery will be as smooth as possible?  You gave birth recently and it seems like ever since that event, something is not feeling right inside of you? Your baby is beautiful but you would like someone to check his head to make sure that everything is “in place”? Your delivery was harder than expected and ever since birth, your baby is not sleeping well or he is agitated? You had a caesarean section and now your health is not the same? These are just a few of the reasons you may wish to visit an Osteopath. 

The “Gregory Berge Osteopathy Clinic” offers treatments in French, English and Japanese. Appointments are available from Monday to Sunday (9am-6pm), either at the clinic or at your home.

The clinic’s website www.gregoryberge.com is still under construction but will be ready very soon.

3-6-22 Higashi, Spacia Abisu, Suite 219
Shibuya-ku, 150-0011, Tokyo

Phone: 090 3534 3232

 For more information please email Gregory Berge at gregorybergeclinic@gmail.com