Nov 25, 2010

Birth, Childbirth Preparation and Doula Services (TPG Speaker)

Your Birth, Childbirth Preparation and Doula Services, in Tokyo since 2003.

I serve clients in their childbearing year. My services encourage the capacity of clients to generate options and to make choices. I offer a collaborative approach that respects what you already know about yourself to help prepare you for your birth and motherhood, your way. This is done via personal and phone consultation, private and small group workshops, and private birth classes for couples. Doula services are also offered. Contact me by e-mail: include your telephone number and I will call you.

Cell: 080.3016.6916

Selena Gudino

Nov 6, 2010

Baby Clothes Website


This is Emily from Sammy's Baby Clothes. We have just launched our new website We sell new and gently used designer baby and children clothing including Sammy's own organic label. We believe that it is the only shop of its kind in Japan in English. Please visit our site!

Now if you enter the code 'TPG' at checkout, all TPG members will get a 10% discount. Offer valid till December 31st, 2010! 

Thank you.

Oct 6, 2010

First Aid Class Resources Available in Tokyo

Natalie Smith

I am a Registered Emergency Room nurse as well as a certified Red Cross Instructor. I have been teaching CPR and First Aid for Adult, Child and Infant for various schools and groups around Tokyo. I do offer classes and if you are interested, I can be contacted via the below email address:

Natalie Smith

Oct 1, 2010

Infant CPR Instructions + Video

CPR for Infants (Age less than 1)
  1. Shout and Tap 
    • Shout and gently tap the child on the shoulder. If there is no response, position the infant on his or her back.
  2. Open the airway
    • Open the airway using a head tilt lifting of chin. Do no tilt the head too far back.
  3. Give 2 gentle breaths
    • If the baby is NOT breathing give 2 small gentle breaths. Cover the baby's mouth and nose with your mouth. Each breath should be 1 second long. You should see the baby's chest rise with each breath.
  4. Give 30 compressions
    • Give 30 gentle chest compressions at the rate of 100 per minute. Use two or three fingers in the center of the chest just below the nipples. Press down approximately 1/3 the depth of the chest.
  5. Repeat
    • Repeat with 2 breath and 30 compressions. After 2 minutes of repeated cycles call emergency 119 for ambulance in Japan and continue giving breaths and compressions. 

**Instructions and video courtesy of Learn 

Sep 27, 2010

Natural remedies to aid milk production

Here are some resources as found by our members on natural remedies to aid milk production**:

- Mother's Milk Herbal Tea
- Herbs: Rasberry leaf, fennel, hops flower
- Fenugreek tablets

Where to buy the above in Tokyo:
- Seikatsu no ki, Omotesando
- Weleda Store on Komazawa Dori
- Natural Mart in Hiroo
- Natural House on Aoyama Dori, near Omotesando crossing.
- Natural House at Meguro Station (B1 of Atre, JR Meguro Station)
- LOFT, for raspberry leaf tea
- Seijouishii (Gourmet grocery store) for nursing teas

Online sources in Japanese:
- Tea: nettle, raspberry leaf, rose pink, rose hip and fennel seed
- Fennel, camomile, caraway and anis:
- Yogi Tea

Online source in English:
- Artemis Pregnancy tea. Artemis is a famous, natural herbal company in N.Z.

Breast Massage Solutions:
- Oketani clinic

Books on natural remedies:
- Mother Food, about breastfeeding
- Naboru Muramoto, "Healing Ourselves", suggested eating miso-shiru to increase milk production.

**Please check with your healthcare professional if you have any questions/concerns about trying any of the above remedies.

Sep 10, 2010

Bella's Cupcakes!

Need something sweet, delicious and cute for your baby shower? Or just have a sweet tooth that won't stop? Tokyo Pregnancy Group would like to suggest Bella's Cupcakes! The cupcakes are kept simple in all the best ways, fluffy and light with a delicious cream cheese frosting that isn't overwhelming. Bella's has many flavors available, and is always open to suggestions for a new flavor combination. They are able to do large orders for a baby shower or even a wedding, or perhaps just an office party or for no special occasion at all except enjoying delicious treats. If you just want to try one (we dare you to try only one) you can find the cupcake truck in various locations throughout Tokyo. Bella's is an online store, so you won't find them at a permanent store front home, but they are ready for your order any time!

Mention your membership with Tokyo Pregnancy Group and receive 15% off your first order! You can find more information on their website ( and up-to-the-moment updates on their Facebook page (they are also on Twitter and Mixi).

Aug 23, 2010

Resources Available through Tokyo Physio

TENS Machine
TENS is a natural form of pain relief that helps take the edge of the pain felt  during labour.  It is very simple to use and safe for the mum & foetus, many women have come back to use it for there second pregnancy.  It can be used in combination with other pain relieving modalities. You can hire the machine for 10,000yen, and your international health insurance may cover this.  You pick it up a couple of weeks before your due date and return it after delivery. A therapist at Tokyo Physio will spend 10 minutes with you explaining and showing you how to use it, you are interested please enquire at  More information about Tokyo Physio can be found at

Breathing Class
The breathing class is a 2hr class held on the weekend.  It is a very small personal class which allows for interaction and thus very time effective. The use of breathing techniques during labor can make it a less painful, more efficient labor and overall enable you to cope better. The class is very practical, a short introduction with the theory is followed by practice of the breathing techniques and then feedback is given.  The fee is 8,000yen/couple and we run them only held a few times a year.  To enquire please email at:

Pregnancy Massage
Massage during pregnancy can help relieve the familiar aches and pains, thus preventing any injury or build up of stress.
We have 2 very experienced massage therapists available at TokyoPhysio Massage & Pilates.  Brendon (works full time) is a qualified myofascial therapist who has experience massaging pregnant women.  Our other therapist Lisa (works part time) has also extensive experience massaging women pre & postnatally.  Lisa is also experienced in lymphodeoma massage.
For an appointment email: (request for massage)
For more information:  (click on 'massage & pilates')

Pregnancy Pains/problems
If you have a pain or injury during your pregnancy, Tokyo Physio has qualified staff to help diagnose,assess & treat these conditions safely.  Some examples of problems Physiotherapy can help with are: sacro iliac joint pain, pubic symphysitis, lower back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, foot pain.  
Treatment is covered by most international health insurance

Post natal Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy can be useful for a number of issues post natally. Some of these include  incontinence, abdominal separation or weakness, lower back pain and wrist problems. 
If specifically looking for incontinence or pelvic floor treatment Vanessa is the therapist who will provide this.  Currently she is only available certain times of the year,so you will need to put your name down for treatment.  She will arrange a time with you when she is available.  Please enquire through
Treatment is covered by most international health insurance

Post natal Pilates
Strengthening of the back & abdominals is extremely important after a pregnancy as you are more at risk of a back injury due to weak abdominals and repetetive lifting.  Pilates is a perfect way to begin your road back to recovery following a pregnancy. Pilates aims to strengthen the core (pelvis, back, abdominals) and postural muscles.  This involves a combination of floor work, balls, balance discs, bands and specific pilates machines.  Pilates can be taken privately or in very small groups.
For more information see (click on 'Massage & pilates')

Warm regards,
Vanessa Colless

Tokyo Physio
104 Atrium Shirokane
5-12-27 Shirokane
Tokyo 108-0072
T. 03 3443 6769
F. 03 3443 6762
Tokyo's Expat sports physiotherapy centre
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Aug 1, 2010

A great new resource in Tokyo!

Go Pure Go New Zealand

Go Pure Go New Zealand brings the *clean and green* lifestyle of New Zealand to Japan with online shopping for Babies, Kids, Parents and Families. Pure, organic, environmentally friendly and recycled products including Designer Baby Slings, Organic Cotton Baby Sleeping Bags, Sexy Maternity Lingerie and Phil & Teds strollers. All stock held in Japan so shipping is usually 2-4 days.

Enter your email address on the home page to receive a 10% voucher. Visit the site at or email with questions.