Sep 10, 2010

Bella's Cupcakes!

Need something sweet, delicious and cute for your baby shower? Or just have a sweet tooth that won't stop? Tokyo Pregnancy Group would like to suggest Bella's Cupcakes! The cupcakes are kept simple in all the best ways, fluffy and light with a delicious cream cheese frosting that isn't overwhelming. Bella's has many flavors available, and is always open to suggestions for a new flavor combination. They are able to do large orders for a baby shower or even a wedding, or perhaps just an office party or for no special occasion at all except enjoying delicious treats. If you just want to try one (we dare you to try only one) you can find the cupcake truck in various locations throughout Tokyo. Bella's is an online store, so you won't find them at a permanent store front home, but they are ready for your order any time!

Mention your membership with Tokyo Pregnancy Group and receive 15% off your first order! You can find more information on their website ( and up-to-the-moment updates on their Facebook page (they are also on Twitter and Mixi).