Jun 30, 2017

The 10 Essential Pregnancy To-Do List For First Time Moms

Written by guest author Serena Morris (KittyMoms.com)

Seasoned mothers will tell you that nothing will ever beat the ones who are always one step ahead or those who are just more prepared than others. This comes especially handy when you’re already equipped with the necessary things that you need to have whenever a crisis or a situation arises. The same can be said too when you’re at your very first pregnancy. It’s, in fact, more required that you’re armed in this milestone, so you’ll be able to endure whatever comes your way.

In this discussion, I’ll be providing just about the right and essential list of things that you need to prepare for your first pregnancy. This should also serve those who are only wanting to be much readier in their succeeding pregnancies. Ultimately, this article is dedicated for those who want to be in the loop on things that matter most in this particular occasion. And if you’re a list type of person, consider this as a godsend!

#1 The Birth Announcement

What else could be more celebratory than introducing to your friends and loved ones your very first baby? Well, that should depend on how you’ll announce it! You can pick on something adorable on Pinterest and have it printed on a special paper and send them accordingly, or you can spend on a photo website with some pre-made layouts. Either way, this should give your baby a truly grand entrance.

#2 The Names & Addresses

We are way past the computer age now. Everything is digital. And so, you don’t need to write each name and address on a notepad where you can send your prized birth announcement to. You can compile all of them in a Word Document along with a label template. After that, print them out and finish them off with some cute add-ons to make them extra special. You can do all of these while you’re pregnant so you’ll have time to think about it. This duty can be a little too tedious once the baby is already born.

#3 A Comfy Waterproof Bed Pad (For You!)

Yes. Your pregnancy doesn’t just revolve on your unborn baby. Equally important is your state as well. A comfortable waterproof bed should calm your nerves whenever you’re all about thinking when your water will break on it. The amniotic fluid, while harmless at the onset, can be quite damaging to your mattress if it’s not waterproof. This investment should quiet your anxiety when your due date approaches.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to be that choosy when selecting the best waterproof bed pad. Just go with the one that does it simply. However, it is important that you don’t cheapen your choice when it comes to it. Inexpensive ones often turn out to be producing an irritating noise especially those that are made of plastic. This should make your sleep disruptive and would cost you in the long run.

#4 Pack that bag and be ready to go

While there are due dates that are being given duly by our doctors, you still won’t be able to know as to when exactly your baby is going to get delivered. In that note, ensure that “that” bag is all prepared. That bag should not only for your baby but should also have one that contains your necessities — all of which have to be relevant right when you’re already in the hospital.

#5 Picking a pediatrician

As early as possible, you have to be looking for your baby’s pediatrician. It is not only a requirement but is also practical and smarter to have one during your pregnancy. You can either ask your friends for referrals or browse on websites. Be cautious enough to read the reviews first before you head to his or her clinic.

Having a pediatrician this early won’t only save you time at the time you delivered your first baby, it should also assure you that the one you picked is already adept with your history.

#6 Pre-wash your baby’s clothes if you can now

This to-do list, in particular, won’t have to be performed by everyone else as this should depend on your preference. But if your family has a relatively sensitive type of skin, you may want to wash your baby’s new clothes already as this will spare him or her of possible allergies once she gets enveloped by them.

You can use any detergent you want as long as it is OK’d by your doctor or if it’s already been an established and safe one to use. Meanwhile, this should also address those hand-me-down clothes. If that is the case, it is always better to wash them beforehand.

#7 The nursing bra dilemma

One of the many things that might confound you is whether you’ll be nursing your baby or not. For you to get clearer thoughts on this, confide to your doctor your personal wants and desires in this respect. Once you have decided that you’d be nursing, you may begin investing on few nursing bras. Please be advised that you’re not supposed to use an underwire one until you have been breastfeeding for three months. I prefer the ones without wire as they make me comfortable while sleeping.

Owning a nursing bra should also spare you the agony of putting nursing pads in a regular bra while you move them up all the time which is essentially time-wasting.

#8 Enroll at classes as much as possible

While you’re waiting for your baby to arrive, one of the few and significant things you can do is enroll in classes either your hospital or specialized schools or seminars. These classes can range from How To Give Baby A Bath, How To Care Once The Baby Is Circumcized, right down to How To Swaddle A Baby and Breastfeeding Tips. But perhaps the most basic and the most popular one is How To Change A Diaper. You can enroll this particular workshop with your husband, and I’m sure there can be a lot of fun when both of you finally do.

Meanwhile, enrolling in these classes will not only widen your circle of expectant mothers to whom you can confide your stories to but should also aid you in the other queries or concerns that you may have during your pregnancy.

#9 The installation of your baby’s car seat

Yes. As early as now while you still have an ample to do it, you may ask your husband or the supplier of your chosen product to install the baby’s car seat accordingly. Believe me, once your child is born and you’re in a situation that requires you to bring him or her anywhere, this pre-installed equipment right at your backseat should give you that much-needed relief. 

#10  The waterproof mattress pads for your baby’s crib

You know you’re smart when you get to put a waterproof mattress pad on your baby’s crib during his or her night time but this smartness gets into a practicality once you have two mattress pads slid alternatively in between fitted sheets. In this regard, you’ll be able to avert the crisis when your baby wets the bed or even throw up in the wee hours of the night or when you least expect it; that another protective layer should come in very handy whenever your baby goes into a bed-wetting fit.

Meanwhile, this technique should be able to help your baby sleep without that need to cry, resulting to a nice baby sleep training points for you!

Final thoughts

These essential tasks could go on further as there are almost a many sets of responsibilities that beset a woman during and after her pregnancy. This outlined list, however, should guide you well enough to be prepared when your baby is finally born. As always, utilize the resources that you can all get during your pregnancy such your friends, the internet, your family, and your circle of expectant mothers for they can make this special event in your life a whole lot easier and more fluffing all at the same time.

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