Apr 3, 2013

Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women

If you are suffering from upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain and fatigue etc during pregnancy, I can help you!!
At Mejiro family chiropractic our well trained US licensed chiropractor, Shirohsa Otake D.C.( Palmer College of  Chiropractic graduate, IA, USA, holding USA & California license) will treat your concern and strive to deliver excellence in quality health care.  Chiropractic care can reduce your pain and maintain your health condition pre & postnatally. Chiropractic care is gentle, safe, and effective for pregnant women and their unborn child. Our clinic is located three minutes away from JR Mejiro station. Mejiro is easy to access from kebukuro, Takadanobaba, and Shinjyuku.
Service: ・Chiropractic adjustment (Check&treat joint)
              ・Soft tissue technique( massage, trigger point, stretching etc) (Check&treat muscle)
              ・Advice for daily life (Posture, Easy Exercise)
                These three parts composed of Chiropractic treatment at MejiroFamily Chirorpractic.
Payment : Cash only
                   8400yen (Adult )( initial fee 3150 yen + Treatment fee 5250 yen)
                   6300yen(Children of high school and under) ( initial fee 3150yen + Treatment fee 5250 yen)
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                   5250yen (Adult )                    3150yen(Children of high school and under)
Appointment: Please make an appointment in advance by phone or e-mail.
For more information about Mejiro family Chiropractic, go check English Page of our clinic WEB site.
If you have any question about Chiropractic care at Mejiro family Chiropractic, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail anytime.
Mejiro Family Chiropractic
Shirohisa Otake D.C.
3-17-37 Shimoochiai,Prosperity-S Mejiro 405
Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo
Zip Code 161-0033
Phone 03-3953-9995

Apr 1, 2013

Celia Hughes midwife and lactation consultant (certified in France). Fluent in French and English.

Doula services

I offer you (and your partner) my emotional and physical support before, during and after childbirth.
I am a midwife so I believe in ‘mothering the mother’, enabling a woman to have the most satisfying experience that she can, from pregnancy and into motherhood. This type of support allows the whole family to relax and enjoy the experience too.
If you want me to be your doula I will give you birthing lessons, my support along the pregnancy and during the labor and birth and I will visit you at least three times during the first two weeks to help you with the baby and the breastfeeding.

Birthing lessons

As a midwife ( from france) I offer some private lessons for mother-to-be or couples. I can also do some group classes for a minimum of three people (we can settle a date together).
I usually do at least three or four sessions along the pregnancy to have really the time to discuss all about the birth process, the birth plan and the relaxation and breathing techniques (2h-2.5h/each session) .
The first part is about pregnancy and birth process : anatomy and physiology, relaxation and comforting techniques, breathing during labor, massage, birthplan etc...
The second part aims to prepare you for breastfeeding and the post-partum period.                   

Breasfeeding and Newborn Baby Care

Private home visits : After the birth I can visit you at home to help you with breastfeeding and caring for the baby. I can also visit you in the hospital if you want to.

Lactation consultations : I also offer my services as a lactation consultant. If you have some problems like sore nipples, a sleepy baby, or if you have questions about pumping, how to manage breastfeeding and work, how to wean you can consult me.

For more information please consult my website or send me a email :