TPG on Facebook

Tokyo Pregnancy Group has a group on Facebook! You can find us there by clicking this link, or by looking under the 'Common Interests - Health and Wellness' category of groups.

Our TPG Facebook group is private to provide our TPG members with a place to socialize with a like-minded group of individuals. Although exclusive to TPG members, comments and posts will appear on your profile page-kindly note if you are still keeping your news a surprise!

If you are already a member of TPG, simply request to be added as a member of our Facebook group. If you are not yet a member of TPG, let us know when you send in your request and we will make sure you get added to our mailing list along with the Facebook page.

On Facebook we welcome our members to stay as long as they would like after the birth of their baby so that they may stay in touch with friends they made while attending group meetings. This allows members a place to post photos of their new baby and an easy way to reconnect as needed.

Facebook also provides us with a great place for good discussions, reflections on meetings past, and lots of general fun. Additionally, all the information found on our blogger site is also located on our Facebook group page, so there is no need to check both sites for the most current information.