Aug 23, 2010

Resources Available through Tokyo Physio

TENS Machine
TENS is a natural form of pain relief that helps take the edge of the pain felt  during labour.  It is very simple to use and safe for the mum & foetus, many women have come back to use it for there second pregnancy.  It can be used in combination with other pain relieving modalities. You can hire the machine for 10,000yen, and your international health insurance may cover this.  You pick it up a couple of weeks before your due date and return it after delivery. A therapist at Tokyo Physio will spend 10 minutes with you explaining and showing you how to use it, you are interested please enquire at  More information about Tokyo Physio can be found at

Breathing Class
The breathing class is a 2hr class held on the weekend.  It is a very small personal class which allows for interaction and thus very time effective. The use of breathing techniques during labor can make it a less painful, more efficient labor and overall enable you to cope better. The class is very practical, a short introduction with the theory is followed by practice of the breathing techniques and then feedback is given.  The fee is 8,000yen/couple and we run them only held a few times a year.  To enquire please email at:

Pregnancy Massage
Massage during pregnancy can help relieve the familiar aches and pains, thus preventing any injury or build up of stress.
We have 2 very experienced massage therapists available at TokyoPhysio Massage & Pilates.  Brendon (works full time) is a qualified myofascial therapist who has experience massaging pregnant women.  Our other therapist Lisa (works part time) has also extensive experience massaging women pre & postnatally.  Lisa is also experienced in lymphodeoma massage.
For an appointment email: (request for massage)
For more information:  (click on 'massage & pilates')

Pregnancy Pains/problems
If you have a pain or injury during your pregnancy, Tokyo Physio has qualified staff to help diagnose,assess & treat these conditions safely.  Some examples of problems Physiotherapy can help with are: sacro iliac joint pain, pubic symphysitis, lower back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, foot pain.  
Treatment is covered by most international health insurance

Post natal Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy can be useful for a number of issues post natally. Some of these include  incontinence, abdominal separation or weakness, lower back pain and wrist problems. 
If specifically looking for incontinence or pelvic floor treatment Vanessa is the therapist who will provide this.  Currently she is only available certain times of the year,so you will need to put your name down for treatment.  She will arrange a time with you when she is available.  Please enquire through
Treatment is covered by most international health insurance

Post natal Pilates
Strengthening of the back & abdominals is extremely important after a pregnancy as you are more at risk of a back injury due to weak abdominals and repetetive lifting.  Pilates is a perfect way to begin your road back to recovery following a pregnancy. Pilates aims to strengthen the core (pelvis, back, abdominals) and postural muscles.  This involves a combination of floor work, balls, balance discs, bands and specific pilates machines.  Pilates can be taken privately or in very small groups.
For more information see (click on 'Massage & pilates')

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Aug 1, 2010

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