Jun 18, 2014

NEXT TPG MEETING: June 26th, Thursday

Speaker: Megumi Hirasawa, Teacher at Yoga tree and Furla Yoga https://yoga.furla.co.jp/?

Topics: Pre-Natal Yoga trial class limited to only 10 TPG members!

Location:  Exact location is emailed to members

Time:        15:00-16:00 *exceptional time

If you wish to apply, contact us at tokyopregnancygroup@gmail.com

Jun 16, 2014

HealthyIM: English Speaking Hospital in Japan

 HealthyIM.com/en/ is the biggest website (over 200,000 medical facilities) that allows you to search for hospitals in Asia for free. 

You can specifically search for English speaking hospitals in Japan and review them. 
The database has over 700 English speaking hospitals in Japan!

HealthyIM have been around for about a year, 

but there aren’t yet many reviews from expat mothers who have experienced prenatal care, 
childbirth and small children in Japan. 

If TPG members have any feedback about how to improve the site to facilitate expat mothers in Tokyo even better, please let them know by contacting them. 

Jun 10, 2014

Prenatal Yoga at FURLA yoga

Join Meg's Prenatal Yoga classes in English at FURLA yoga every Monday from 1:00-2:30 pm.

This class helps mothers-to-be develop strength, flexibility, and focus to prepare for birth. Through the practice of asana (poses) and breathing, we nurture the body’s needs and attend to its changes throughout pregnancy. A yoga practice to increase awareness and create trust in the body’s ancient wisdom to engage in the power of labor.

You may begin Prenatal Yoga classes after the 14th week of your pregnancy, and may practice as long as you feel well. Some students come to class on their due date! No prior yoga experience necessary.

FURLA yoga offers a convenient online registration system, as classes are limited to 10 participants. You may also join class without a reservation (in case of a full class, reserved students have priority). See our website for details, reservations, fees and directions. FURLA yoga is located steps away from Omotesando Station, on the 4th floor of the FURLA Aoyama Boutique.


Jun 5, 2014

"One Born every minute": a US Maternity Drama to check on Youtube!

NEXT TPG Meeting: June 12th, Thursday

Speaker: Chiaki from Meadow Acupuncture and Aromatherapy Center.

Topics: Acupuncture in pregnancy and after childbirth / Self massage practice for swollen face, feet and lower back pain. Chiaki will also simply explain the mechanism of swollen muscles and bone,.If someone would like to 'model', she'll be more thank happy to demonstrate how it works!

Location:  Exact location is emailed to members

Time:        11:00-13:00

Baby goods rental in Japan





ONLY in Japanese(or find a japanese friend to help you:))))


Verbaudet, French brand for Baby cloth, Baby room decoration, maternity cloth is now delivering to japan at cheap price.