Apr 25, 2012

Article about doula in Metropolis

Our own TPG member Jane Kitagawa who is about to give birth any day now has written the following article for Metropolis about Olivia Arakawa:

Apr 16, 2012

Once Your Little One Arrives - Slingmeet

NAME: Slingmeet
WHEN: 4th Friday of the month (next meeting 27th April), from 11 am till 1 pm.
WHERE: Children and Family Support Center (nickname: Everyone and support center of kids), located on the 2nd Floor.
ADDRESS: Zip 108-8315 1-4-10, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
NEAREST STATION: the metropolitan Oedo line Akabane bridge station.
FACILITIES: The Children and Family support are kindly offering us this room for free. The meeting room can hold up to 20 people. They kindly offer us playmats and a set of toys. Food is not allowed in the room, however, just outside of the room there is a snack area with few tables. They also have a children room with some toys for any parent and child to enjoy.
There is no parking area.
BOOKING: it is not necessary. However, as the room is up to 20 people, I would appreciate if you send an e-mail to confirm your attendance at: lirubianes@hotmail.com
The advantages of baby carrying are numerous for both parents and babies. Please find some of the examples taken from LLLI website: http://www.llli.org/nb/nbbabywearing.html

Why Wear Your Baby in a Sling?
  • Babies whose mothers wear them in slings are calmer and cry less.
  • It is easy to nurse discreetly when the baby is in a sling as the fabric shields both the baby and the mother from the public view.
  • Mothers find it easier to carry on their normal daily activities. Both their hands are free and their babies are quickly soothed. Looking after older children, housework, shopping, walking for exercise and even using computers become more manageable tasks.
  • Travelling is easier when babies are tucked securely into slings.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Apr 6, 2012

Infant Sleep Consultant

Deborah Taylor offers advice on how to prepare for and help young babies to sleep well and self settle. She is English and lives and works in Hong Kong as an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. Her website:
Her facebook page may also be of interest as it contains regularly added tips, testimonials, upcoming events etc