Sep 27, 2010

Natural remedies to aid milk production

Here are some resources as found by our members on natural remedies to aid milk production**:

- Mother's Milk Herbal Tea
- Herbs: Rasberry leaf, fennel, hops flower
- Fenugreek tablets

Where to buy the above in Tokyo:
- Seikatsu no ki, Omotesando
- Weleda Store on Komazawa Dori
- Natural Mart in Hiroo
- Natural House on Aoyama Dori, near Omotesando crossing.
- Natural House at Meguro Station (B1 of Atre, JR Meguro Station)
- LOFT, for raspberry leaf tea
- Seijouishii (Gourmet grocery store) for nursing teas

Online sources in Japanese:
- Tea: nettle, raspberry leaf, rose pink, rose hip and fennel seed
- Fennel, camomile, caraway and anis:
- Yogi Tea

Online source in English:
- Artemis Pregnancy tea. Artemis is a famous, natural herbal company in N.Z.

Breast Massage Solutions:
- Oketani clinic

Books on natural remedies:
- Mother Food, about breastfeeding
- Naboru Muramoto, "Healing Ourselves", suggested eating miso-shiru to increase milk production.

**Please check with your healthcare professional if you have any questions/concerns about trying any of the above remedies.