Apr 4, 2014

BEST---Birth Education Services in Tokyo by Ann Tanaka

BEST-Birth Education Services in Tokyo offers a variety of birth education classes, taught by Ann Tanaka, a registered nurse from the U.S.  The classes are designed for women or couples who are pregnant or new parents.  In addition, support and referrals to other resources are available.  Don't wait!  Prepare now for birth and the care of your new baby.

Classes offered are as followed:
Early Pregnancy & Birth Planning in Tokyo: This one time 2 hr. class is designed for women in their first or second trimester.  Topics covered are: the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, the emotional and physical changes experienced in pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, prevention and relief measures for common physical discomforts of pregnancy, and information about birth planning and birth options in the Tokyo area.   Spouses are welcome!
Upcoming 2014 schedule: Saturday, Jan. 18, March 15, May 24, July 5, Sept. 13, Nov. 15, 2014,
                                   All classes are from 10:00am - 12:00 Noon.
Fee: 7,000 yen/ couple
Registration is required.

Preparation for Birth Classes for Couples: This 2 day workshop is designed for couples to help them develop their own choices and style for labor and birth.  This course uses lectures, workgroups, practice in relaxation and breathing techniques as tools for making confident and informed decisions for labor and birth.  This course is recommended around 30 weeks.
Casual clothes, comfortable for simple stretch exercise, are advised.  Bringing a small cushion
or towel, may help to make you feel more comfortable.
Upcoming 2014 schedule: Sat. & Sun., Jan. 11/12, March 8/9, May 17/18, July 12/13,
Sept. 6/7 and Nov. 8/9, 2014, from 10am-4pm,
Fee: 36,000 yen/ couple
Advanced Registration is required as class size is limited.
One hour lunch break is given.  Lunch is not included in the fee.

*Please note that all cancellations must be made three days in advance.
*All classes are held at The Tokyo American Club (TAC).
*Registration can be done through Ann Tanaka or at TAC member’s service desk
*Payment must be done at TAC, member’s service desk on B1.
*Cancellations must be made at least three days in advance.   
*For more information, please call Ann Tanaka 0268-38-3802 or 090-5326-1455. 

*As parking is very limited, only members are allowed to park at TAC.

BEST---Birth Education Services in Tokyo             
Phone:  0268-38-3802  or  090-5326-1455 (Evenings are best.)