Feb 26, 2007


Last update April 2014

Dr. Claudine Bliah
Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic and Aiiku Hospital. French gynecologist, does not deliver babies. She sees pregnant patients without complications, deliveries with Dr Sakamoto or OB-GYNs of the hospital you chose. Fluent in English, French and Japanese.
Fees: Regular consultation 7,000 yen for the visit. Prenatal check-up tests extra.
Tel: 03-3436-3028

Dr. Sayoko MakabeKanda Second Clinic
Umeda Bldg. 2F, 3-20-14 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3402-0654 or 03-3402-8062

Dr. MiyazakiMaeda Hospital, 8F, 1-1-5 Akasaka-Mitsuke
Fluent in English, with English speaking nurses. Specializes in amnio testing and complicated pregnancies. Anesthesiologist available to administer an epidural and can deliver at other hospitals, (e.g., Aiiku). Accepts Japanese Health Insurance card.
Tel: 03-3478-6443

Dr. Aikou OkamotoExecutive Clinic. Delivers at Jikei Hospital Women’s and Children’s Centre.
Tel: 03-5405-1095

Dr. Yoko OshibaSanno Hospital, Head of the OBGYN Department. Fluent in English.
Tel: 03-3402-3151

Dr. Saito
St. Luke’s Hospital, Resident OBGYN. Fluent in English, hospital staff also speak English. Hospital does not take insurance; service is excellent.
Tel: 03-3541-5151

Dr. Hideki Sakamoto (TPG Speaker)
Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic. Delivers at Seibo, Sanno and Aiiku Hospitals.
Fluent in English and Spanish, trained in the United States. Renowned for epidural guarantee.
Tel: 03-3436-3028

Dr. Kinoshita
Seijo Kinoshita Hospital, Chair of OBGYN Department of Jutendo University Medical School. Speaks English well, as does his OBGYN son and daughter. Delivers at Seijo Kinoshita Hospital; hospital staff speak minimal English. Open-minded, flexible and willing to arrange an anesthesiologist for epidural.
Tel: 03-3482-1702

Dr. Tsuruga
Best english speaker in Aiku. Studied and worked in US until 2013. She is nice and good listener.
Prenatal check-up tests extra.
Tel: 03-3473-8321

Dr. Adachi
Aiiku Hospital, Head of OBGYN Department. She speaks a little English
Prenatal check-up tests extra.

Also at Aiiku Hospital.

Good Midwives at Aiiku:
Hioki-san, Adachi-san (good English), Shishido-san (good emotional support) and Obinata-san (good massage, English OK).

OB-GYNS at Sanno Hospital: http://www.sannoclc.or.jp/english/doctor/sanno/sanhujinka.html