May 15, 2014

NEXT TPG MEETING: MAY 29th, Thursday

Speaker: Aya Schubert, from K-space; more info@

Topics:   *beneficial shiatsu points and meridian points that are possible to do to one's self
*Laila, the professional shiatsu masseuse will be giving hands on demonstration ( who will be the lucky one?!)
*  about  Kegel exercise (the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscle) ; why and how to do it
*  about postnatal baby blue : why its important to be open about it and share the stories
*  share some TED talk insights about what's going on in fetus's life : when and what
    are the babies learning already in my tummy ?
*  few essentially super prenatal yoga poses to do it together !
*  do you know about diastasis recti?  :  the question over 'mummy tummy'

Location:  Exact location is emailed to members

Time:        11:00-13:00

Very much looking forward seeing you all and if you have any questions please contact us at