Mar 1, 2007

What to Bring to the Hospital

(Sample Checklist)

For Labor
_______ Birth Plan
_______ Bathrobe (if hospital or birth center does not supply one or you want your own)
_______ Slippers
_______ PJ's or old T-shirt to give birth in
_______ Socks
_______ Tennis Ball or rolling pin (for back labour massage)
_______ Massage Oils or lotions
_______ Hair band
_______ Lip Moisturizer
_______ Cooling facial spray
_______ Snacks and drinks
_______ Watch with a second hand to time contractions
_______ Camera and/or video camera
_______ Relaxation materials; books, magazines, card games or music
_______ Pictures of someone or something you love (the inspiration you may need to see you through to the end.)

For Coach
_______ Toiletries
_______ Change of clothes
_______ Snacks

_______ Going home outfit
_______ Nursing Bras
_______ Breast Pads
_______ Sanitary napkins
_______ Lots of underwear
_______ Nightgown (front-opening, cotton)
_______ Toiletries
_______ Ear plugs and eye-shade
_______ Address book, plus lots of change/prepaid cards for all the phone calls you will need to make.

For Baby
_______ Infant car seat
_______ Outfit for the trip home (one-piece stretchy outfits are easiest)
_______ Receiving blanket (a heavy one if weather is cold, otherwise Muslin or cotton)
_______ Diapers (if you are using cloth, include your own diaper pins)
_______ Baby Wipes
_______ Baby Nail clippers
_______ One pair of socks or booties
_______ Cap
_______ Bunting or snowsuit for winter