Nov 16, 2018

Resource: Mom and Baby Friendly Hospitals, Maternity Clinics, and Birth Houses in the Tokyo Area

One of our TPG admin, Jocelyn Saito, has created a list compiling various recommended hospitals, maternity clinics, and birth houses in the Tokyo area! 

All of these caregivers come recommended from fellow mothers in the Tokyo community and promote policies such as:

  • supporting skin to skin directly after birth if there are no complications
  • allowing for alternative birthing positions/options such as a water birth, birthing off the table or in a position other than your back
  • allowing for a birth partner in the room with you during labor and delivery
  • allowing your partner and baby to room in with you during your stay (or at least baby)
  • promoting breastfeeding directly after birth and provides consultations in the following recovery days
And possibly:

  • access to pain relief, such as an epidural 
  • English support (although not required for this list)