Aug 29, 2016

Next TPG meeting is Sept 1 at 11am

Next TPG meeting is Sept 1 at 11am
Speaker: Iona Macnab

Topics: Breastfeeding
About speaker
Iona Macnab BA(Hons) LLB IBCLC, a former lawyer turned International Board Certified Lactation Consultant lived in Tokyo for almost 25 years, practising as an IBCLC assisting mothers and babies in the foreign community for 9 of those years. She also gave her time as a volunteer La Leche League Leader with LLL Tokyo Central group for 13 years. Now living in Australia while her kids complete secondary school, she runs an online breastfeeding education platform for health professionals called iLactation, where over 2000 nurses, physicians and lactation consultants from around the world come every year to satisfy requirements for their professional development and clinical updates. iLactation online conferences are also translated into Spanish and Dutch, and in 2017 will also be available in Portuguese and German.
Iona will speak about getting breastfeeding off to the best possible start, establishing and maintaining your milk supply over the first weeks, and normal newborn behaviour.

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