Sep 25, 2014

Sage Femme Tokyo


Course of three classes- perfect timing if you are due in the end of January or after

First class: “birth without fears”: How to see the birth positively. "Is childbirth necessarily painful?”,  How the labor starts and when to go to the hospital, Relaxation techniques,  
Second class: “The Labor’s journey”: The stages of birth, the sensations that accompany each phase and what you can do to receive/provide the best support each stage.
Third class: “ And after?”:  We’ll talk about being a parent: what it means for you, how
do you prepare for this big change in your life? What are your concerns about baby’s care? What is a newborn baby? How to offer to him/her the security, the  comfort he/she’ll need?

When: November/December 2014 (30th, 7th and 14th from 4pm to 6pm).
Fees : 7000 JPY/couple, each class
Place:  Yoga tree in Hiroo
For more information and enrollment, please contact:
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