Dec 13, 2013

Private Birthing lessons with Célia Hughes


Célia Hughes, midwife and lactation consultant (certified in France).
"As a midwife (from France) I offer private lessons for mothers-to-be or couples.

I usually do at least four sessions during the pregnancy to have enough time to discuss the birth process, the birth plan and the relaxation and breathing techniques (2h-2.5h/each session).

The first part is about pregnancy and the birth process: anatomy and physiology, relaxation and comforting techniques, breathing during labor, and massage.

The second part aims to prepare you for breastfeeding and the post-partum period. I usually start around the 30-32 weeks of pregnancy. I can do sessions in the evening or during the weekend."

For more information please consult Célia's website or send her an email: