Jul 28, 2011

Travel Insurance

Are you planning a trip overseas while you are pregnant?

It is always a good idea to get travel insurance, and even more so if you are pregnant. However, unfortunately travel insurance for pregnant women in Japan tends to be quite limited compared to overseas. Based on a search of the internet and enquiries at travel agencies in Tokyo, I discovered that Japanese travel insurance companies only provide cover for up to 22 wks of pregnancy.

Here are some Japanese travel insurance companies that provide cover up until 22 wks (in Japanese):


JI (can apply for this at JTB travel agency, but need to also book your flights through JTB)

If you need some help, go into your nearest travel agency and ask them. They will be able to fill out the forms for you and guide you through the steps.

If you are in Japan temporarily (and a resident of another country) it may be possible to get travel insurance cover up to 28-32 wks of pregnancy in the country of your residence. Do a search on the internet to find out.

Safe and happy travels!