Apr 7, 2014

Thai House Massage for Women and families

Thai House is operated by Surintorn Grasmueck, an experienced Thai masseuse trained at WATPO Thai Traditional Medical School in Bangkok.

Prenatal  Massage
We offer prenatal massage for women in their 6th to 8th month of pregnancy. This is a light, slow massage designed to lower anxiety and stress, decrease back, leg and shoulder pain and improve sleep.
5,000 yen (60 minutes)

Postnatal Healing Course 
Why it is good for new mothers after childbirth
Traditional Thai massage is recommended for mothers after childbirth to help the tired body regenerate itself more quickly. Postnatal massage helps reduce stress, enhances milk production and improves blood circulation. The mother's womb recovers more quickly, making it easier to regain her pre-pregnancy weight.
Content of the course
Each session begins with a Thai Body Massage. This is followed by a Herbal Ball Massage and Herbal Steam Sauna treatment, which works on tense muscle areas and promotes the flow of energy. 
How long it takes
This unique postnatal healing treatment course runs for 3, 5 or 7 days, depending on the mother's individual needs and the amount of time available.
Each session lasts about 2.5 hours per day. Women who give birth naturally may begin treatment 7 days after giving birth, but those who underwent a cesarean section, or surgery of any kind, must wait at least 30 days post-partum, or until all wounds have healed completely.

Full breakdown of each session:
* Thai Body Massage For Postpartum Mothers (60 minutes) * Herbal Ball Massage (30 minutes) * Oil Massage (30 minutes) * Herbal Steam Sauna (30 minutes)
Postnatal Healing Course for New Mothers: 30,000 yen (3-day course) or 10,000 yen for 1 day

Contact Sue @ 090-6346-2930 or surintorn@hotmail.com