Apr 10, 2014

Boudoir Day Spa: Special offer to TPG members!

For mummy's and mums to be!
Attention all Yummy Mummy’s! Isn’t it time for you to have a well-deserved bit of “me time”?

In the beginning it’s a foggy haze of diaper changes and middle of the night feeds followed by days spent chasing a toddler and tackling tantrums. Then comes homework, school projects, after school activities, teenage angst and driver’s licenses. Life changes after you have kids and between the carrying, cuddling, shouting, shuttling, giggling, juggling, tightrope walk of mummy hood, where do you find the time to feel beautiful? We know that beauty is only skin deep and that beauty comes from within. But sometimes putting your feet up and relaxing for 2 hours while your being pampered is good for you.

And think about taking a few hours away from the kids to pamper and rejuvenate yourself. Boudoir Day Spa’s “Mummy 911” beauty package is designed to make all mummy’s feel absolutely yummy! This package is guaranteed to rejuvenate and make you feel absolutely fabulous from head to toe. Now it’s time for all you hard working mums out there to put your feet up, relax and let the professionals at Boudoir Day Spa do what we do best…pamper! After dropping the children at school, come and enjoy a relaxing time at Boudoir Day Spa.

Your pampering experience will begin with our famous Rescue Remedy Facial. Including a mild glycolic acid peel, this facial offers exceptional results for all skin types. Guaranteed to bring back forgotten radiance in just 1 hour! This package includes:

Rescue Remedy facial¥15,000
Paraffin wax treatment for hands¥2,100
Paraffin wax treatment for feet¥2,100
Shape and paint of fingernails¥2,300
Shape and paint of toenails¥2,900

Special price for Tokyo pregnancy member 10,000 yen 
We'll also upgrade your facial to the Guinot Hydraclean deep cleansing facial.

Weekdays only, NO PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!
From 10 am to 2 pm
Call NOW only 3 spaces daily!