Apr 19, 2014

Chiropractic treatment for pregnancy, after delivery and babies @ Suto Healing Center

Suto Healing Center is a family-operated clinic which was established in 1997. We have two departments, the Chiropractic department and the Bio-energy department.

Chiropractic treatment for Pregnancy and after the delivery
Chiropractic is effective for balancing your whole body, mainly through your spine.
We strengthen nerve regulatory function with a gentle approach which can apply from a newborn baby to elderly people. To improve and maintain good body balance, we discuss your lifestyle and advise you to do some exercises.
During the pregnancy and after the delivery, a mother’s body will change with the baby’s growth. To adjust with this dynamic changing, we can help you to balance your body as a whole. We believe that good body balance allows the body to harness its natural healing power in order to sustain a healthy body and mind.

Chiropractic treatment for babies and kids
We believe that chiropractic care for babies promotes natural and wholesome growth of the child. Imbalance of the spine in children may lead to loss of appetite, stomach problems, awkwardness in movement, and a longer recovery time from symptoms. From our clinical experience, we found out that when treating children under 3 years old, we have better results if we do the treatment with their mother at the same time. As a mother’s body becomes more comfortable, the child can benefit from the mother’s sense of relief and peace.

Bio-Energy work
In the Bio-energy department, the therapist does counseling and hands on energy work on the bed. In the energy work, the therapist touches the client’s body very gently to balance and charge his or her auric energy field and seven chakras.
The client will release the emotional block which lays at the subconscious level through the counseling and the energy work. It leads to heal their life trauma, and resolve the difficulty in relationships with others. As a healing process, many clients changed their way of living and improved their relationships. Their physical condition also can be improved.
For children, the therapist will catch a child’s nonverbal message in the energy field through the energy work. Then, the therapist discusses with the mother what is helpful for the child.

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