Mar 27, 2015

Ayurveda Baby Massage Workshop


Ayurveda Baby Massage Workshop - Dr. Anupama Awake (B.A.M.S., D.Y.A.) Ayurveda Doctor, Yoga Teacher & Diet Adviser, Om Ayurveda Institute,

Baby massage workshop April 9th
TPG Members Receive a 10% discount!!

Mar 20, 2015

Next TPG Meeting- Thursday April 2nd

Speaker: Kpace

Topics: Kspace resources, and child development

Time & Date: Thursday April 2nd, 11am-1pm

Location: Exact location is emailed to active members one week before the meeting

Please contact us at

Mar 8, 2015

Bringing Baby Home Workshop


Sherilyn Siy, speaker at our TPG March 5th meeting, is offering a Bringing Baby Home Workshop. The proposed dates are for the last two Sundays of April - April 19th and 26th. The regular rate is ¥30,000 per couple for a minimum of 4 couples (rate would be higher for a private session), but Sherilyn is giving TPG a special rate of ¥25,000 per couple for a minimum of 4 couples. Depending on the size of the host's home, the workshop can most likely accommodate between 6-8 people. Look for more information in our coming April Newsletter or contact us at

Mar 6, 2015

Next TPG Meeting- Thursday March 19th

Speaker: Kendra Morgenstern

Topics: Baby Massage and essential oils,

-Massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby!
-Regular massage can help babies sleep better, have less anxiety, and have a stronger immune system.
-Essential oils cannot only help babies calm down, and sleep better- but parents too!
-Learn how to massage your baby, how to soothe common ailments, and what oils can be used safely with babies.

Time & Date: Thursday March 19th, 11am-1pm

Location: Exact location is emailed to active members one week before the meeting

Please contact us at

Mar 5, 2015

Childbirth Group Classes - Celia Hughes


Celia Hughes, speaker at our February 19th TPG meeting, is conducting childbirth group classes in March/April. A course of three classes will be held March 29th, April 5th and 12th. See her website for details:

Feb 19, 2015

Baby Massage Class - Tuesday, February 24th

Please send a FaceBook PM to Kendra Morgenstern if you are interested in attending.

Next TPG Meeting - Thursday, March 5th

Speaker:    Sherilyn Siy

Topics:    Helping couples transition into parenthood

-Research shows that within three years after the birth of a baby, approximately two-thirds (or 69%) of couples will experience a significant drop in relationship quality and have a dramatic increase in conflict and hostility. Lack of sleep, never-ending housework and new fiscal concerns can lead to profound stress and a decline in marital satisfaction – all of which affect baby’s care. The research-basedBringing Baby Home workshops prepare couples for life with baby and helps them be the best parenting team possible. In a relaxed and supportive environment, parents learn to strengthen their relationship and foster baby’s development during this challenging time. They build on what Dr. Gottman and colleagues found is the best predictor of marital adjustment after baby arrives: the quality of friendship in the marriage. 

Time & date: Thursday, March 5th 11am-1pm

Location:       Location will be sent out to members one week before the meeting

Please contact us at if you wish to attend

Feb 8, 2015

Tokyo HypnoBirthing Course (5 weeks)


Start Date - tentatively Thursday, February 26th @ 6:30 PM
End Date - Thursday, March 26th
Course Tuition - $350 USD

Please contact Ebony Banks at or message her on Facebook for more info on how to sign up!

Feb 5, 2015

NEXT TPG MEETING: Thursday February 19th

Topic: Support during child birth, with the team of Stephanie and Célia
Speaker: Célia Hughes and Stephanie Kawai

Location: Exact location is emailed to active members
Time: 11:00am - 1pm

If you would like to attend this meeting or have any questions please contact us at

Jan 27, 2015

Next TPG Social Event - Sunday Brunch - February 8th, 2015

Please join us on Sunday 8th February for a TPG brunch!  

Your partners and hubbies are welcome to come along.

When: 8th February, 12pm
Where: Bubby’s, Ark Hills (

* Please RSVP to before 3rd February