Jan 2, 2013

New TPG Coordinators Needed ASAP

Happy 2013 Ladies!

 We hope you enjoyed your holiday season and are all feeling great. 

As the current TPG coordinators we  have found the position rewarding and have a gained a number of resources, networks and friends. Being pregnant in Japan as a foreigner can be quite intimidating, but with the Tokyo Pregnancy Group we were able to feel as if we were in our home countries and find support in many women who were going through the same thing. We have asked for new coordinators through several newsletters as well as many additional emails to the group and now we are posting to the blog in hopes someone will keep this amazing group going. Recently Payal's little angel has made an early arrival. She was blessed with a little boy and will be sharing her birth story shortly. She is now in full-time mommy mode and will no longer be coordinating the TPG. I am due in a couple short weeks as well and will no longer be able to coordinate once my baby arrives. We are asking again for new coordinators to step up and keep the legacy of the TPG going. If we do not hear from anyone, the group will no longer exist and the meetings for next year will all be canceled.

We have meetings scheduled until the end of April with informational speakers such as birthing coaches, breastfeeding consultants, Health care professionals, nutritionists and even maternity yoga teachers. I personally have gained so much insight and information from these speakers. The newsletters will also be discontinued, which are a great resource to find items for sale or free, classes provided by birthing coaches or doulas and other pregnancy resources throughout Tokyo.

The meetings are already arranged and most of the duties as a coordinator are complete and we are just looking for someone to pass the group down to. Maybe a few of you can rally together to disperse the minimal duties, such as managing the email account, accepting new members on Facebook and writing the newsletters.

We are asking for coordinators one last time. Unfortunately, if we do not hear from anyone the group will be discontinued.

We look forward to hearing from someone to keep the TPG alive!

Please contact TokyoPregnancyGroup@gmail.com, if you or anyone you know is interested in becoming the new  TPG coordinator.

Kindest Regards,

Chanyn and Payal