Nov 4, 2012

Akachan Honpo Guided Tour

Kate and Tomoko from TokyoUrbanBaby, have organized a guided tour to Akachan Honpo on November 7th. RSVP asap if you want to join the tour and find great products here in Japan.

Here is a message from Kate:

"Tomoko and I were invited to speak at the Tokyo Pregnancy Group (TPG) meeting yesterday! We had a great time meeting all the expecting mums and talking about our birth experience and ideas for getting out and about in Tokyo after baby is born.
There was particularly a lot of interest about baby products and what to buy for birth and after baby is born. One of the biggest challenges with having a baby in Japan is that all the products are in Japanese! On top of that, most of the brands are different from overseas, so it can be quite overwhelming when you’re trying to prepare for the birth of your baby.
In order to help these mums and mums-to-be, we decided to do a Guided Tour to the Akachan Honpo store in Tokyo on 7th November to explain about all the products! For details see invitation below!"

Please RSVP to Kate if you would like to join! What a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with products and packaging that are not in our native language.