Mar 11, 2007

To Do List for Before and After Baby

Before baby is born
Find out what Items you need in your Hospital Bag and get them ready
Find a Pediatrician
Finalize Maternity leave/Child care leave details
Find a daycare
Finalize doula details
Attend Prenatal & Breastfeeding classes
Set up the nursery
Purchase all necessities: diapers, formula if needed, breastfeeding help (like lansinoh cream) etc
Pick baby birth announcement (and do a email/address list of whom to send it to!)
Wash all baby clothes
Clean house
Start cooking in advance and freezing food!
Buy frozen food in advance/water/milk/juice
Finalize help schedule (friends, family, helper..)

After baby is born
Send out baby birth announcement
Enroll baby with health insurance
Send out thank you cards for gifts
Do the ward/embassy/visa paperwork