Feb 28, 2007

Fitness and Nutrition

Tokyo Yoga Circle (Rajay Mahtani, TPG Speaker) - Roppongi
For further information on Prenatal yoga classescontact Rajay Mahtani:
Tel: 03-3586-7848
E-mail: yoga@rajay.org

Shizen Yoga Studio (Dana Levy, TPG Speaker)
This yoga studio located in Kichijoji offers pre- and postnatal yoga classes. For more information contact Dominica Serigano:
Tel: 090-3814-4488.
E-mail: info@shizenyoga.com

Tokyo Physio (Vanessa Colless, TPG Speaker)
Tokyo Physio holds pre- and postnatal classes at K Space in Shirokane/Meguro. Prenatal classes consist of an aerobic workout, specific strengthening and toning exercises and an educational session covering a different topic each week. Postnatal class focuses on restoring the body to its pre-pregnant state through specific exercises which strengthen, tone and stabilize the body. For more information contact Vanessa Colless:
Tel: 03-3443-6769
E-mail: physio@gol.com

Furla Yoga Studio
The studio located near the Omotesando metro station offers both pre- and postnatal yoga classes.

Sun and Moon Yoga Studio
The studio located in Meguro, one minute from JR Meguro Station offers
prenatal classes from 14 weeks to delivery. For more information
contact Leza Lewitz, Tel. (03)3280-6383- or (080)3778-0771
Email: info@sunanmoon.jp,

Dietary Counseling
Tomomi Serizawa, certified dietitian, offers dietary counseling for weight control in pregnancy and after delivery, food allergies, diabetes, obesity, and can educate you about Japanese food.
1-1-3 Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0011
Tel: 03-3944-6321 or 090-4825-0048
E-mail: tomomi.serizawa@nifty.com

Nutrition Consultant
Samira Zarghami is a Registered Dietitian (Canada and USA) - with a focus on prenatal and postnatal nutrition. Samira offers a prenatal workshop and private consultation services.
Email: samira@glocalive.com
Tel: 080-3008-3430